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My journal is now

Comment to be added...
i just wanted to say that your benny & joon icon and my benny & joon icon should get together :-P
Benny & Joon is amazing!
add me? seems we have some mutual friends :
sure! :)
Hey this is honeybeehallett or meljanesjournal I had to get a new journal... read my recent entry to see why :) Please add me back!
just came across your profile, thought i'd say hi. =]
wanna add?
i'll go add you right now.
Hey there. I added you as well!
(Deleted comment)
Hi there!
I saw your username on the baby_mama_drama comm members list and thought we might have some things in common. Mind if I add? :)
Well I don't ever really update, I do read and comment though. If you still wanna add feel free and I'll add you back! :)
Sounds good to me! :)